SUINK project

July 2023

Oribay takes part in the SUINK project to revolutionize automotive sensors with sustainable self-charging power systems

The SUINK (SUstainable self-charging power systems developed by INKjet printing) collaborative project aims to develop innovative green solutions to power a wide range of sensors for the automotive sector. The main objective of SUINK European project is to design and implement sustainable, flexible, and printable self-charging power systems capable of providing energy to a wide range of sensors.

Funded by Horizon Europe for a duration of four years, SUINK kicked off in September 2022. Co-ordinated by Tekniker, it brings together 11 partners from 5 countries across Europe, including Oribay Group Automotive.



Kick-off meeting of SUINK in Tekniker’s headquarters – Eibar, Spain

Modern vehicles have integrated over 60 sensors to monitor crucial parameters such as temperature, oil pressure, emissions, and speed. With the increasing popularity of autonomous and electric cars, this number is expected to grow. However, the reliance on cables and connectors to power these sensors adds unnecessary weight and compromises the vehicle’s overall reliability.

The SUINK project aims to develop innovative power systems to address this challenge by relying on sustainable elements, including a piezoelectric energy generator, to harvest electrical energy from mechanical vibrations, and a rectifying system as a connection circuit with a supercapacitor as an energy storage component.

The overall solution will be based on the combination of bio-based conductive, dielectric, and piezoelectric inks that will be applied by inkjet printing on bio-based flexible surfaces. 

This innovative technology will be applied to produce temperature, humidity, and strain sensors for the automotive sector, exploiting vibrations from the moving vehicle as a source of energy. Further applications will include the development of a new recyclable energy-harvesting textile material to be used in vehicles’ interiors.

Suink and Oribay

The role of Oribay Group in the SUINK project

At Oribay Group Automotive, we focus on scaling up ink production and validating the SCPS (Self-Charging Power Systems) system for the windshield bracket. With our expertise in polymer composites, we are developing a polymeric bracket demonstrator for self-charging sensors in the automotive industry. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of sustainable and efficient solutions for the transportation sector.

Our work involves the development of sustainable, flexible, and printable self-charging power systems to provide power to various sensors in the automotive industry.