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Windshield ADAS

Meet SmartBracket™

SmartBracket™ is the first ever all-in-one windshield ADAS bracket, designed and manufactured by Oribay. This revolutionary concept is an alternative to standard brackets, as it is cheaper, smaller and easier to bond to the windshield than other solutions.

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The next-gen windshield ADAS​

Enhancing the driving experience

SmartBracket™ is designed to fit any windshield. This innovative solution is up to three times smaller than other designs and its triple camera incorporates the latest ADAS technologies, such as pedestrian/vehicle recognition, rain and light sensors, lane and sign detection, and more.

World-class performance

Bond and go! No assembly is required. Designed to simplify the car factory line. Since we have full control over the design and manufacturing process, we can provide a custom solution for each client: one or two cameras, new designs, additional electronic functionalities, etc.

Rearview mirror built-in mount

Electronics and microsensors

Triple camera system

Ultra-compact bracket 165cm2

Transparent anti-fog and defrost heating

Anti-reflective technology

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