R&D center

Technological development

Innovation in mobility

From the basic research, we understand market trends and needs. We create sustainable and technological solutions that can be combined to offer all-in-one solutions to the market.

Technological development

Adhesion technology

Working on all the elements of the assembly, we offer robust adhesion solutions, from the functionalization of plastic parts and adhesion promoters to adhesive synthesis.

Technological development

Smart coatings

From anti-abrasion, anti-scratch or anti-fogging through to self-cleaning coatings to improve surfaces used in the automotive industry.

Technological development


We are actively working to accelerate the development of new electronic solutions for the automotive industry.

SmartBracket™ all-in-one solution

SmartBracket™ is the first ever all-in-one windshield ADAS bracket, designed and manufactured by Oribay. This revolutionary concept is an alternative to standard brackets, as it is cheaper, smaller and easier to bond to the windshield than other solutions.​

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High-tech solutions

Our range of automotive components is designed to meet the specific needs of world’s leading OEM/AGR glassmakers and car manufacturers. Thanks to our experienced engineering team and advanced production plants, we offer the most trusted and reliable solutions in the market.

Windshield parts

Design, production and assembly of parts

Electronic components

Development of high-tech electronic solutions​

Structural adhesives

Ori-Tape™ for bonding windshield parts

Adhesion promoters

Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter solution

Functional coatings

Anti-fog and protective special coatings

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