Permanent anti-fog coating for glass

Ori-Fog™ – the permanent anti-fog solution for automotive glass, developed by the Oribay Group R&D center



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Ori-Fog™ anti-fog coating

Long-lasting clear visibility

Foggy windshields are more than just an inconvenience—they’re a safety hazard. Reduced visibility puts both drivers and others on the road at risk, especially when it affects ADAS cameras crucial for driver assistance systems. Traditional heating and HVAC systems may fall short, consuming excessive energy without effectively preventing fogging, which is particularly concerning for electric vehicles prioritizing energy efficiency.

Ori-Fog™ permanent anti-fog treatment offers a reliable solution for glass and polycarbonate surfaces, addressing visibility issues and safety concerns head-on. With its unique formula, Ori-Fog™ effectively prevents fogging, even in high-humidity environments, ensuring enhanced visibility in adverse weather conditions. Applied and cured before windshield installation, Ori-Fog™ enhances visibility and provides optimal safety on the road.

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Ori-Fog OriFog™

Ori-Fog™ is a revolutionary anti-fog coating that provides permanent and reliable performance. Its unique formula ensures that surfaces stay clear of fog even in high-humidity environments. The coating is able to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures and cleaning agents that are commonly used on automotive glass. To maximize the durability and longevity of the treatment, it is important to follow our instructions for application and maintenance.

Ori-Fog™ is a coating that is designed to prevent fogging on glass surfaces without affecting the optics of the coated glass. This means that the coating will not change the way light passes through the glass or affect the clarity of the glass in any way. 

The anti-fog coating can be applied to automotive glass at the factory during the glass manufacturing process. After the coating is sprayed, it goes through a crucial curing process where it is first UV cured, and then heat cured, this ensures that the coating is hardened and set properly for a durable and long-lasting result. At Oribay Group Automotive, we are experts in the design and implementation of advanced robotic application lines. We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are skilled in the latest robotic technologies, and we have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for our clients.

Anti-fog coatings can be used on the windows of electric vehicles to prevent the formation of condensation on the inside surface of the glass. This can improve visibility for the driver, which can enhance safety.

There are several ways in which Ori-Fog™ can improve the energy efficiency of an EV. First, a clear view of the road can allow the driver to better anticipate traffic and road conditions, which can help the driver to drive more smoothly and efficiently. Second, Ori-Fog™ can help to reduce the need for using the heating or air conditioning (HVAC) system to clear the windows, which can save lots of energy.

While Ori-Fog™ is highly effective for preventing fogging on automotive windshields and glass surfaces, its versatility extends far beyond the automotive sector. Our anti-fog coating can be applied in various industries such as aerospace, optics, lenses, and more.

Green solution

Increased EV range by 6%

Thanks to its anti-fog properties, Ori-Fog™ significantly reduces the energy consumption of HVAC windshield defog systems in electric vehicles, extending their range by up to 6%. By reducing the energy needed to maintain clear windshields, Ori-Fog™ helps to increase the range of EVs and improve their overall efficiency.

1,300 km range

145 kg less CO2

Extended battery life

EV car

Long-lasting treatment

Resistant to window cleaners

Ori-Fog™ is a highly durable defog technology that has been specifically formulated to withstand the harsh effects of glass cleaning agents. Unlike other defogging solutions that can quickly wear off after exposure to water or repeated cleaning, Ori-Fog™ remains effective even after extended periods .

Alcohol/water resistant

Resistant to abrasion

Robotic line

Tailored application design

At Oribay Group Automotive, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients that includes the installation of the Ori-Fog™ application line directly within their plant. This ensures a seamless and efficient application process, with our team of experts on hand to oversee the installation and provide any necessary training. Our custom coating and UV/heat curing lines are designed to meet the specific requirements of each client, taking into account factors such as the type of glass surface being treated and the desired outcome.

On-site implementation

Cost per coated glass

Application line

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