Windshield components

We are experts in designing and manufacturing auto glass components, such as plastic and metal parts, camera heaters, defog sensors, and more

Multifunctional plastic plates

We have more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of plastic/metal windshield components such as camera brackets, sensor holders, and mirror buttons for both OEM and AGR markets.

Explore our variety of electronic components for windshield applications. Discover our selection of defog sensors, ADAS vision systems, camera heaters, and connectors.

windshield electronics
sbt tray

Discover our advanced adhesive solutions for the automotive glass industry, including our world-renowned Ori-Tape™ structural bonding tape, and Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter range.

Our R&D team has developed multiple coatings, which are designed to offer special features such as protective, anti-fog glass, anti-scratch, and dirt-repellent solutions for the automotive industry.

ADAS smartbracket

SmartBracket™ is a compact all-in-one ADAS bracket that integrates the latest autonomous and assisted driving technology. Despite its small size, it can accommodate up to 4 ADAS cameras, electronics, and sensors.

DriveGuard™ is a revolutionary rearview mirror integrated dashboard camera. This compact solution is designed to be installed on the windshield during car assembly, ensuring a seamless and integrated look and feel.

Dashboard camera

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