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SmartBracket™ ADAS

The compact solution for advanced autonomous and assisted driving

SmartBracket™ is a compact all-in-one ADAS bracket that integrates the latest autonomous and assisted driving technology. Despite its small size, it can accommodate up to 4 ADAS cameras, electronics, and sensors, providing advanced driving features for a safer and more convenient driving experience.

This multi-camera bracket is designed to reduce assembly time and costs by eliminating the need to join multiple components. It requires no assembly and can be quickly and easily bonded to the windshield. Car manufacturers can customize SmartBracket™ with features such as pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, and rain/light detection to meet their specific needs.

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SmartBracket™ is a revolutionary all-in-one windshield ADAS bracket, designed by Oribay. It integrates the latest autonomous driving (ADAS) cameras, electronics, and sensors into a single, compact unit. This eliminates the need for multiple components from various suppliers, offering a streamlined and efficient solution to car manufacturers.

SmartBracket™ offers flexibility to meet your needs. While it typically comes as a complete solution with all necessary ADAS cameras and electronics within the compact unit, we understand you might have existing preferences. Our adaptable design allows integration of your preferred cameras and sensors, seamlessly incorporating them with the rest of SmartBracket™’s electronics.
Absolutely – SmartBracket™ is highly versatile. We can design an ultra-compact bracket specifically for each vehicle model and windshield. This ensures optimal functionality and maintains a clean aesthetic for each car.
SmartBracket™ is up to 3 times more compact than other brackets found in many vehicles (165 cm² vs 500 cm²). This significantly reduces the bulk on the vehicle’s windshield, improving aesthetics and maintaining a clear view for the driver.
To ensure clear visibility in all weather conditions crucial for optimal ADAS performance, SmartBracket™ offers two fog and ice prevention solutions: a transparent camera heater seamlessly integrated within the bracket for discreet defrosting, and optional standard camera heaters or an anti-fog permanent coating for the camera area glass.

ADAS technology

Flexible and adaptable solution

SmartBracket™ is a highly versatile and adaptable solution, specifically designed to integrate state-of-the-art ADAS features into any windshield with ease. Equipped with four cameras for short, medium, and long-distance vision, SmartBracket™ can be customized to meet the unique needs of any car or windshield manufacturer. You can choose the number of ADAS cameras, sensors, and functionalities that suit your requirements, ensuring you have the most advanced autonomous driving experience.

SmartBracket components

Rearview mirror built-in mount

Electronics and microsensors

Multi-camera system

Ultra-compact bracket 165cm2

Transparent anti-fog and defrost heater

Anti-glare technology

Ready to fit any windshield

Compact design meets versatility

SmartBracket™ has an ultra-compact design that takes up to three times less space than standard designs, only occupying 165 cm² instead of 500 cm². Despite its small size, it offers cutting-edge ADAS features such as pedestrian and vehicle detection, rain and light sensors, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, and more.


ADAS technology

Seamless bonding


Transparent camera heater

Our R&D team has developed a state-of-the-art nanotechnology conductive transparent heating foil. This groundbreaking solution replaces conventional perimeter ADAS camera heaters and provides exceptional clarity for advanced driver assistance systems like SmartBracket™ technology.

Thanks to its nanotechnology, it offers excellent anti-fog and defrost properties while maintaining high transparency.


Flexible circuit


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