Glass fitting solutions

AGR+ range of products

Discover our comprehensive range of consumables for automotive glass repair and replacement shops, including rain/dirt repellent sprays, glass repair resins, sensor gel pads, testers, and more – all developed in our state-of-the-art R&D Center by leveraging our OEM expertise

Glass treatments

Glass treatments

Our selection of advanced glass treatment sprays includes OriRain+™, a durable rain repellent, ADASclean GO+™, designed to repel dirt for ADAS cameras, and OriFog+™, our innovative antifog coating for glass.

Windshield sensor testers

Our expertise in windshield AGR market enables us to develop high tech and reliable electronics testers for Tesla windshield defog and light PCBs, and Kia/Hyundai defog sensors.

Sensor tester
Oriresin Glass Repair

OriResin+™ glass repair

OriResin+™ is the ultimate solution for safe and durable windshield repairs. With its advanced technology, OriResin+™ is super strong, ensuring your windshield is protected against further damage.

Sensor gel pads / refill syringes

Relying on our OEM expertise, we’ve meticulously engineered our line of sensor gel pads, OriPads+™, alongside refill syringes, OriGel+™, to ensure optimal performance in replacing rain and light sensors.

Gel Pads

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