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We design and manufacture high-tech electronic components for the windshield area. Discover our range of defog sensors, ADAS cameras, heaters, and connectors

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We specialize in advanced sensor technology for the auto glass industry, with a primary focus on designing and producing defog sensors, as well as optical lenses for rain and light sensors.

We design and manufacture advanced driver assistance windshield cameras, featuring multi-lens technology for various vision ranges and applications such as pedestrian and vehicle detection.

ADAS camera
Heat camera test

We design and manufacture cutting-edge heating foils for ADAS cameras. These heater circuits are designed to be both fast and energy-efficient, ensuring that moisture and ice buildup on the windshield camera area are prevented.

We have extensive capabilities in designing and manufacturing connectors for windshield electronics components. We specialize in creating connectors for the power supply of camera heaters and sensor-to-windshield ECU connections.

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