Ori-Polar™ – A toxic-free alternative to traditional primers, enhancing the bond between plastics and PU adhesives


PU bonding

1 year
shelf life

Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoters

Industry-leading adhesive strength

Ori-Polar™ is a range of surface treatments that have been developed to enhance the bonding of PA/PPA/PBT/PP plastic parts, e-coated metal components, or glass when utilizing polyurethane (PU) adhesives. These promoters improve the adhesion properties of the material by generating chemical functional groups that enhance the compatibility of the part with the adhesive employed.

Ori-Polar™ is a safe and environmentally friendly choice, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals, unlike the conventional primers that are commonly used in the industry and are known to be unsafe.

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Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoters can be applied to plastic, epoxy-coated metal, or glass surfaces to enhance its ability to bond with polyurethane (PU) liquid adhesives. This solution improves the adhesion properties of the material by generating chemical functional groups that enhance the part’s compatibility with the adhesive employed, in such a way that the PU adhesive can better wet and adhere to the surface. The result is a stronger and more durable bond between the substrate and adhesive.

Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoters are designed to enhance the compatibility of plastic, coated metal, and glass surfaces with PU liquid adhesives. However, they can also be used with structural bonding tapes like Ori-Tape™, but it is not always necessary as these types of SBT adhesives generally have strong adhesion properties on their own.

Once Ori-Polar™ is applied to the plastic part or glass surface, these coated parts can be stored for up to one year before bonding with PU adhesive. Unlike traditional primers, which require application just a few minutes before adhesion, this alternative offers added flexibility and cost savings.

OPL21: This treatment involves spraying onto the plastic or e-coated part, followed by UV curing. It can be applied directly after part manufacturing in our facilities.

OPM11: An innovative, patent-pending solution applied directly in-mold during the plastic injection process of the part. It requires no curing.

OPL26: Similar to OPL21, this process involves spraying onto the glass side instead of the plastic part, followed by UV curing.

Compared to toxic primers, Ori-Polar™ offers the following key benefits that can simplify and improve the adhesion process:

Non-toxic: Ori-Polar™ does not contain carcinogenic isocyanates found in conventional primers and also the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not required when using Ori-Polar™, unlike traditional primers.

Long storage life: Ori-Polar™ functionalized parts can be stored for up to one year before PU adhesive application, compared to traditional primers which need to be applied immediately before PU adhesive application.

Simplified process: OPL21 and OPM11 can be applied in the Oribay Group manufacturing plants, whereas traditional primers need to be applied in the auto glass factory.

In-mold application: OPM11 is applied directly during the plastic injection molding process, providing an innovative solution that can improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Ori-Polar™ range of solutions

Find your ideal adhesion promoter

The Ori-Polar™ range offers different solutions to enhance the bond strength of automotive components and glass when using PU adhesives. The treatment can be applied by spraying it onto plastic or coated metal components (OPL21), directly injecting it during plastic molding (OPM11), or by applying it onto the surface of the glass (OPL26). This versatility allows for easy integration into various manufacturing processes and ensures optimal bonding performance in any application.

Ori-Polar™ OPL21

Direct application

Part spray + UV

Plastic (PA/PPA) and e-coated parts

In-mold application

Ori-Polar™ OPM11

In-mold application

Plastic injection process

Plastic parts (PBT/PA/PPA/PP)

Patent pending PCT/ES2022/070420

Windshield oripolar

Ori-Polar™ OPL26

Glass application

Windshield spray + UV

Glass surfaces (windshield)

Green solution

Sustainable alternative to toxic primers

Ori-Polar™ presents a safer option compared to traditional toxic primers by being free from hazardous chemicals, providing a safer option for manufacturing and health. The product not only offers enhanced adhesion performance but also eliminates the safety and environmental concerns associated with toxic primers.

This is a non-toxic and eco-friendly adhesion promoter that gives manufacturers peace of mind and supports their sustainable objectives.

Non-toxic solution

Up to 1 year shelf life

PU and SBT adhesives

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