Windshield camera heating solutions

We specialize in the design and production of heaters for windshield ADAS cameras and other applications




Heating systems for windshield cameras

Improved ADAS camera visibility

We design and manufacture cutting-edge heating foils for ADAS cameras for both OEM and AGR glass manufacturers. These heater circuits are designed to be both fast and energy-efficient, ensuring that moisture and ice buildup on the windshield camera area are prevented. This helps maintain optimal performance of ADAS systems, promoting driver safety even in challenging weather conditions.

We are also capable of designing and manufacturing heating elements for other applications, such as radar heaters and mirror heating foils. Get in touch with us and share your project details. Our electronics team will design a specific solution just for you.

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Nano-conductive solution

Transparent camera heater

Our R&D team has developed a state-of-the-art nanotechnology conductive transparent heating foil. This groundbreaking solution replaces conventional perimeter ADAS camera heaters and provides exceptional clarity for advanced driver assistance systems like SmartBracket™ technology.

Thanks to its nanotechnology, it offers excellent anti-fog and defrost properties while maintaining high transparency.


Flexible circuit


Bespoke heating solutions for OEMs

From design to production

We specialize in offering bespoke services to OEMs, providing end-to-end solutions for heating systems, including design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and support. With advanced technology and expert teams, we ensure seamless execution of innovative developments. Our expertise goes beyond camera heaters to areas like radar, delivering tailored solutions for diverse heating needs.

Testing and

heating foil


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