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Research and development

Innovative materials and electronics

We use the knowledge from basic research to advance material science and electronics. As a leading automotive company, we prioritize technological innovation.

We collaborate with academic institutions and conducts in-house research to apply insights from basic research to practical applications. By leveraging material science and electronics knowledge, we aim to develop advanced vehicle components, enhance energy efficiency with electronic systems, coatings, and adhesives to improve overall vehicle performance.

The R&D Center at Oribay Group serves as a dynamic hub of innovation. Through the synergy between basic and technological research, we consistently improve and maintain our position as an industry leader.

Technological research

Material science

Our R&D Center explores a wide range of research areas, from polymer science to the synthesis of metallic and hybrid nanoparticles. These advancements are applied to functional coatings, inks, and adhesion technology, enabling us to develop innovative solutions for various applications.

Polymer synthesis

Organic & inorganic

Adhesive formulas

Technological research


Our team is dedicated to advancing innovative electronic solutions for assisted and autonomous driving systems. By combining expertise in disciplines like sensor technology, ADAS systems, and heating solutions, we aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the automotive industry.

ADAS cameras

Printed electronics

Heating systems

Innovative solutions

Our latest projects

In-mold adhesion
promoter (OPM11)

Ori-Polar™ OPM11 is a surface functionalization technique that is directly applied during plastic injection molding

camera heater

Nanotechnology conductive transparent heating foil that replaces traditional perimeter ADAS camera heaters

anti-fog coating

Ori-Fog™ is a permanent anti-fog coating that effectively eliminates fogging on glass and PC surfaces

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