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Technological research

Innovative materials and electronics

The knowledge developed in basic research projects evolves in technological research in two main areas: Material science and Electronics.

Technological research

Material science

From polymer science to the synthesis of metallic and hybrid nanoparticles for
applications in functional coatings and inks, or adhesion technology.

Technological research


We are actively working to accelerate the development of new electronic solutions for assisted and autonomous driving systems.

Our latest projects

In-mold adhesion promoter (OPM11)

Ori-Polar™ allows a surface modification to be obtained on the plastic parts in order to improve their compatibility with adhesives. Patent pending.

heating foil

Optically clear transmission, flexibility, and electrical conductive foil, can be used in a wide range of applications such as defog and defrost for automotive glass.

Anti-fog glass

Ori-Fog™ is a special coating for the auto glass industry. It is a glass treatment designed to prevent car windows from fogging up.

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