Sensor gel pads
and refill gels

Silicone gel pads and refills

Easy rain & light sensor replacement

Revolutionizing windshield sensor technology, our team develops next-generation silicone gel pads featuring ophthalmic technology for the highest transparency. The cutting-edge silicone injection process ensures a dirt-repellent surface that avoids fingerprint marks. Sensor coupling mediums smoothen out irregularities between the optical sensor and glass, creating a defined interface.

We are the only manufacturer worldwide producing gel pads and refill gels for both OEM and AGR markets.

Gel pads

Self-adhesive transparent silicone gel pads for sensor replacement. Available in multiple die-cuts

Refill gels

Two-component silicone gel for sensor replacement. Fast curing and high transparent solution

Electronics team

From design to production

We offer a comprehensive service that covers the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales support of our gel pads and refill gels for the easy replacement of rain & light sensors. We rely on the latest technology and a team of experts to carry out successful new developments.




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