Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate coating

Ori-Scratch™ – Permanent anti-scratch solution for car headlights, dashboards, and other surfaces




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Ori-Scratch™ anti-abrasion coating

Scratch-resistant car surfaces

Ori-Scratch™ is a surface treatment that offers long-lasting resistance to abrasion on polycarbonate (PC) surfaces. Specifically designed to prevent scratches on car headlights, this treatment is the ultimate solution to maintain the initial appearance of automotive surfaces.

This permanent coating not only protects the headlights but also can be applied to other automotive PC surfaces such as sunroofs and dashboards. The coating forms a protective barrier on the surface, shielding it from everyday wear and tear, and keeping PC surfaces scratch-free and crystal clear.


Automotive interior and exterior surface protection

Ori-Scratch™ is a versatile solution for protecting polycarbonate surfaces in both the interior and exterior of vehicles, including headlamps, tail lights, dashboards and display covers, alternative polycarbonate windows, helmet visors, aviation, boating, etc.

Exterior lights

Interior surfaces

Alternative to glass

Green solution

Polycarbonate as light and sustainable alternative to glass

The use of Ori-Scratch™ coated polycarbonate materials presents a viable substitute to glass that offers a lighter-weight solution, contributing to decreased fuel – or electricity EVs – consumption, and lower carbon emissions in consequence.

Light material

Low consumption

Low emissions

An anti-scratch coating is a protective layer applied to a surface to prevent or reduce the occurrence of scratches. Ori-Scratch™ is a revolutionary permanent surface treatment that offers long-lasting resistance to scratching and abrasion. Specifically designed to prevent scratches on headlights and other types of polycarbonate surfaces, such as sunroofs and dashboards, this treatment is the ultimate solution to maintain the initial appearance of cars’ polycarbonate surfaces. The advantages of using Ori-Scratch™ include long-lasting protection, easy application, and compatibility with various types of polycarbonate surfaces.

Ori-Scratch™ is a permanent surface treatment that offers long-lasting resistance. Its unique formula ensures that surfaces stay clear of scratches even in high-wear environments, providing durable protection. The coating is able to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures and cleaning agents that are commonly used on automotive surfaces.

To maximize the durability and longevity of the treatment, it is important to follow our instructions for application and maintenance.

The versatility of Ori-Scratch™ extends far beyond the automotive industry. It can be applied to various polycarbonate surfaces such as protective equipment, dashboards, signs, displays and other industrial equipment that are prone to scratches and abrasion. This anti-scratch coating can be used in any environment where durability and visibility are critical and scratches are a problem. Ori-Scratch™ offers a long-lasting solution to protect these surfaces and ensure they remain scratch-free and clear.

The coating is applied by spraying and then heat-cured for maximum resistance. It can be applied during the manufacturing process of the headlight or other PC components, or at the car manufacturer’s facility before assembly.

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