Self-cleaning coating for exterior cameras

ADASclean™ – Permanent superhydrophobic coating for esterior ADAS.  Product currently under development



and resistant


ADASclean™ self-cleaning coating

Permanent clear vision for exterior ADAS cameras

ADASclean™ is an advanced transparent coating developed to enhance the self-cleaning capabilities of exterior ADAS cameras commonly found in vehicles. These cameras, including rear-view mirror cameras, side cameras, backup cameras, and others, benefit from the application of ADASclean™. This coating minimizes the need for costly cleaning alternatives , ensuring a consistently clear vision for the exterior cameras.

With its remarkable superhydrophobic properties, ADASclean™ serves as a protective shield against dust and dirt particles, effectively repelling them. As a result, these contaminants effortlessly slide off or roll away from the camera’s surface. This ensures that the camera maintains optimal clarity and performance, allowing for clear and accurate imaging.

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