Windshield defog sensors and optics

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Defog sensors and optics

Advanced windshield sensorization solutions

At Oribay Group Automotive, we specialize in cutting-edge sensor technology for the automotive glass industry. Our primary focus lies in designing and manufacturing sensors for detecting windshield humidity and temperature, particularly for Kia and Hyundai vehicles. These sensors play a crucial role in maintaining clear windshields by coordinating with the HVAC system and camera heater to prevent condensation buildup.

Additionally, we manufacture optical lenses for rain and light sensors, along with electronic testers for defog sensors.

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Electronics team

From design to production

We offer a comprehensive service that covers the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales support of our humidity, temperature, and solar sensors. We rely on the latest technology and a team of experts to carry out successful new developments.

Engineering and design

Custom solutions

R&D new developments

In-house electronics production

PCB circuit manufacturing

We not only manufacture windshield sensors but also design and produce our own PCB circuits at our electronic facilities located in Spain. As a result, we are able to provide improved and more effective support to the automotive industry.

Short lead times

Tested electronics

New circuits design

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