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Aftermarket automotive glass

Original equipment quality and expertise

Our expertise in the OEM market allows us to be a reliable supplier for the AGR glass industry, offering the best service and highest-quality solutions for aftermarket glassmakers. We are focused on the development of innovative solutions for the industry, such as the design and manufacture of complex parts, electronic systems, new materials, adhesives, functional coatings, and other innovations.

AGR expetise

Focused on AGR glass market

At Oribay Group Automotive, we are focused on the development of high-tech solutions for automotive glass. Our experience in the OEM market enables us to guarantee excellence and meet all the requirements of AGR windshield manufacturers.

Warehouse and fast deliveries

IATF and ISO certified

OEM 30+ years expertise

Global service and support

Engineering team

From design to production

We offer a comprehensive service that covers the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and after-sales support to meet our client’s needs. We also design and build high-precision tools in-house, such as plastic injection, die-casting, and stamping molds, to develop new automotive glass parts.

Engineering and design

3D printed prototypes

In-house molds and tooling

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In-house expertise

Manufacturing technologies

At Oribay Group, we employ cutting-edge automated and robotic production technologies to create high-quality components for the automotive glass industry. Our team is ready to handle all aspects of a project, including design and production, even for the most complex projects.

Metal and plastic parts

3D printing technology

Adhesives / coatings

Electronic components


Our green commitment

At Oribay Group Automotive, we are committed to creating sustainable and responsible solutions to meet the needs of the automotive glass industry. We strive to develop innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and act as responsible global citizens.

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