FastCure™ – Two-component adhesive designed to optimize and accelerate the bonding of plastic components to windshield glass

No primer

Activation in
few seconds

Fast windshield

FastCure™ adhesive

Agile and cost-effective component bonding

FastCure™ is a two-component, fast-curing adhesive specifically designed to optimize and accelerate the bonding of plastic components, such as camera brackets and rearview mirror mounts, to windshield glass. Its advanced adhesion technology simplifies the process by eliminating the need for primers or preheating the glass.

Additionally, if the plastic part is pre-coated with Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter, it will not need any primer either. This system features exceptional properties, requiring only few seconds of activation, allowing for quick handling of the windshield shortly after bonding.

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FastCure™ needs just a few seconds of preactivation before bonding the part to the windshield. After a brief gel period, the bond is strong enough for handling the windshield. Final properties are achieved within a few hours. We can adjust the curing times to meet your specific needs and production process requirements. For precise curing times, please contact us.

Thanks to our advanced Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter technology, parts can be precoated up to 12 months ahead of time, eliminating the need for additional priming before bonding with FastCure. Additionally, Ori-Polar™ is non-toxic, unlike most primers which can be very toxic.

FastCure™ forms a strong bond with glass without the need for a primer, setting it apart from thermal fast-curing adhesives. Additionally, it doesn’t necessitate preheating the windshield. This streamlined approach simplifies the bonding process, resulting in considerable time and energy savings

The bond is strong enough for handling just a few seconds after the parts are bonded, allowing for immediate handling and transportation. Final properties are achieved in the following hours.

Green solution

Primer-free bonding technology

FastCure™ was developed to eliminate the need for toxic primers typically found in the automotive industry. Plastic components can be pre-coated with our Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter solution up to 12 months before bonding. On the glass side, no primer is required, as the formulation is specifically designed to avoid the use of these chemicals.

No primer on windshield

Plastic part with Ori-Polar™

Windshield components

Fast and cost-effective

Simpler activation and bonding

FastCure™ eliminates the need for toxic and costly primers, streamlining the bonding process with just a few seconds for adhesive activation before attaching the part to the glass. Unlike standard fast-curing adhesives, it requires no additional heat or glass preheating, simplifying the design and enhancing energy efficiency.

Fast activation (flexible)

No windshield preheating

Ready for handling and transportaiton

Ultra-fast windshield handling

After bonding the plastic component, it achieves sufficient strength to handle the windshield with just a few seconds of slight pressure. This ensures a secure and reliable bond, allowing for the transportation of windshields without the need for long conveyors or temporary curing areas. Additionally, FastCure™ adhesive continues to strengthen, reaching its full properties within the next few hours.

Ultra-fast gel time

Final properties in few hours

Windshield parts

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