Our sustainable commitment

At Oribay Group Automotive, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the sustainability needs of our clients and our responsibilities as global citizens. Discover the projects we are involved in to become a more eco-friendly company.

Environmental management

We are ISO 14001 certified. Our environmental commitment aims to reduce emissions and soil pollution. We work to improve and optimize the management of our resources.

Sustainable mobility

We encourage our employees to make use of alternative means of transportation. We provide bicycle parking in our headquarters, and our company cars are 100% electric.

Sustainable purchasing

We have been awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal for our social responsibility and sustainable purchasing practices.

R&D projects

Our R&D Center is constantly working to develop new eco-friendly solutions, such as Ori-Fog™ coating, which can reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles by up to 6%.

Energy efficiency

We are committed to sustainable energy use, reducing our consumption, and leveraging clean energy sources (solar panels, led lights...)

Circular economy

We are focused on the optimization of resources, the reduction of the consumption of raw materials, and the recovery of waste by recycling or giving it a second life as a new product.

Green solutions

Ori-Tape™ long-shelf life SBT adhesive

Ori-Tape™ combines the high bond strength of structural adhesives and the ease of handling properties found in pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. This adhesive can be stored for 12 months, doubling the shelf-life of other structural bonding tapes.

Green solutions

Ori-Fog™ energy-efficient defog coating

Ori-Fog™ is a permanent and invisible anti-fog coating for automotive glass. This passive solution can reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems and camera heaters. Up to 6% more autonomy in electrical vehicles.

Green solutions

Ori-Polar™ toxic-free adhesion promoter

Ori-Polar™ is a special surface treatment designed to promote adhesion between plastic/metal components and automotive glass. This solution replaces the use of toxic primers with a permanent surface modification, reducing health risks.

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