Adhesion promoters

Ori-Polar™ adhesion promoter

Ori-Polar™ is a special surface treatment designed to promote adhesion between plastic/metal components and automotive glass. Designed and manufactured by Oribay, this adhesive promoter increases the polarity of the substrate to enhance its bonding properties. It can be applied directly to the part, sprayed to the glass surface, or in the plastic injection mold.

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Safer and simpler

Other adhesive promoters, such as primers, contain carcinogenic isocyanates, and its reduced lifetime forces the application just before the bonding. Ori-Polar™ replaces the use of toxic primers with a permanent surface modification, reducing health risks, costs and production time.

3 types of application

Direct application

Part spray
UV curing

Windshield application

Windshield spray
UV curing

In-mold application

Plastic injection - No UV

- Patent pending -


SBT adhesives and functional coatings

In addition to the design and manufacture of windshield components, we are also specialized in the development and application of our own range of SBT adhesives and protective coatings. Thanks to our R&D team we can guarantee maximum reliability of our chemical solutions.


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