Functional coatings

Protective and anti-fog coatings

Our R&D team has developed multiple coatings for the automotive industry, with protective and anti-fog properties. Each of these coatings has been designed to improve the quality of the windshield parts we manufacture and the visibility through car glass.

Ori-Coat™ / Ori-Rust™ / Ori-Scratch™

Protective coatings for automotive parts

Ori-Coat™ is an epoxy-based black coating, designed to protect windshield parts. It can be applied on iron, steel, aluminum, zinc, polymers, and more.

Ori-Rust™ is an invisible anti-corrosion coating which can be applied before Oricoat™ to provide extra resistance against oxidation.

Ori-Scratch™ is a permanent surface treatment resistant to abrasion. Designed to avoid scratches on car headlights.

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Anti-fog coating
for car glass

Ori-Fog™ is a permanent anti-fog coating for automotive glass. It can be used on windshields, side and back windows. It is designed to resist water/alcohol-based car window cleaners.


SBT Adhesives and adhesion promoters

In addition to the design and manufacture of windshield components, we are also specialized in the development and application of our own range of SBT adhesives and adhesion promoters. Thanks to our R&D team we can guarantee maximum reliability of our chemical solutions.


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