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EV mobility solutions

EV technology

Powering electric mobility

Apart from our expertise in automotive glass, at Oribay Group we are also specialized in the development of advanced electric mobility solutions, such as EV platforms, smart wheels, and thermal management systems. We work to come up with innovative solutions for a more eco-friendly mobility.

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iOne™ platform

EV modular platform

Masermic, a company of the Oribay Group, has developed a disruptive EV platform based on a modular concept that allows multiple configurations for different types of vehicles. iOne™ system includes all the electronic systems needed to offer the best driving experience.

All-electric platform

Modular vehicle concept

ADAS systems self-driving

iRobotWheel™ smart system

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Smart wheel system

Advanced traction and steering by wire robot wheel technology for a wide range of power train and vehicle applications. iRobotWheel™ can rotate from -70 to 70 degrees, making it easier to drive in heavy traffic, turn onto a smaller street, or park in a tight parking space.

Steer-by-wire system

In-wheel electric engine

Omnidirectional wheels

Innovative systems

Thermal management

We develop advanced systems for thermal management on vehicles, designing the architecture of TMS from scratch to reach the best-optimized solution.

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