Manufacturing technologies

Metal and plastic parts manufacturing​

We can meet your windshield component needs with plastic injection molding, powder metallurgy, die-casting, sheet metal stamping, and assembly of complex parts. Multiple materials available: stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, plastic, and more.​

Metal and plastic parts

Molds and tooling

We design and build high-precision tools in-house, such as plastic injection, die-casting, and stamping molds, to manufacture auto parts. This allows us to offer more flexible solutions, shorter deadlines, and better quality control over the entire manufacturing process.
Metal and plastic parts

Plastic injection molding

We design and manufacture complex plastic components for the automotive industry. In addition, can design and manufacture the plastic injection mold. Our plastic injection plants are located in Ainring (Germany) and Pamplona (Spain).

Materials: PA6T/6I+50GF, PBT+ASA+30GF, PBT+PC+15GF, PBT+30GF, PA6.6+30GF, PC+ABS
Metal and plastic parts

Metal die casting

In our over 6,000 sqm facilities located in Pamplona (Spain), we operate state-of-the-art die casting machinery to manufacture complex aluminum and zamak components. Our production processes include vibratory finishing, surface grinding, and blasting equipment.

Materials: Aluminum and zinc alloy (zamak)
Metal and plastic parts

Powder metallurgy
and sintering

We are experts in the production of sintered components for the automotive industry. Cutting-edge press (up to 160 Tm) and sintering furnaces, vibratory finishing, surface grinding, and sandblasting machinery. Our sintering plants are located in San Sebastian (Spain) and Ainring (Germany).

Materials: Carbon steel and stainless steel
Metal and plastic parts

Sheet metal stamping and assembly of parts

In our facilities in Pamplona (Spain), have the expertise and machinery needed to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes. This allows us to produce custom parts that can be assembled to create complex components such as windshield brackets and vehicle locks.