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Ori-Tape™ adhesive

Best-in-class adhesion and handling ease

Ori-Tape™ SBT is the ultimate structural adhesive tape for bonding plastic/metal windshield components to glass, such as mirror buttons and sensor holders. This bonding tape combines the strength of structural adhesives with the ease of handling of pressure-sensitive tapes, making it an excellent choice for other automotive applications where other adhesives may be inadequate.

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Ori-Tape™ structural adhesive is engineered to deliver a robust and long-lasting bond that can handle the pressure and impact that windshields experience during regular use for the entire lifespan of a car.

Ori-Tape™ adhesive

Designed to meet the highest standards

With 30 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leader in the automotive adhesive industry by developing Ori-Tape™, our high-quality structural adhesive. Our in-house production and testing facilities enable us to offer flexible solutions to meet OEM and AGR auto glass standards. Trust us to provide you with the best adhesive technology in the industry.

Long shelf-life

Strong bonding

Heat cured

Tested formula

Ori-Tape™ adhesive

Custom supply options

In order to offer maximum flexibility to our customers, we offer two different supply options for Ori-Tape™ structural tape.

Pre-applied Ori-Tape™

Ori-Tape™ custom die-cuts can be applied to windshield parts utilizing robotic lines.

Die-cuts on liners

Ori-Tape™ custom die-cuts can be shipped directly to the customer on plastic/paper liners.

Ori-Tape™ adhesive

Robotic application

Using fully automated robotic lines, our structural adhesive jumbos are cut into smaller rolls and cut to specific sizes required for their use on windshield components, such as mirror buttons and rain/light sensor brackets.

Advanced robotics

Full control process

Flexible service

Ori-Tape™ adhesive

Cost-efective shipping and storage

Ori-Tape™ doesn’t require of foam boxes for cold preservation when shipping. Due to its long shelf-life, it can be stored for up to a year at 10°C or 6 months at 27°C without losing its optimal performance.

No cold foam boxes

Up to 1 year shelf-life

Shipping options

Once cured, Ori-Tape™ provides a durable and secure bond that can withstand harsh conditions and temperature changes. It is a reliable adhesive solution for a variety of applications, especially in the automotive industry for bonding windshield parts to glass. Our R&D team has extensively tested Ori-Tape™ to ensure its effectiveness in providing a long-lasting bond. The cured bond has a strong adhesive strength that can resist impact and vibration, providing a secure and safe bond. Additionally, it has excellent weather resistance that ensures the bond remains strong and reliable over time, maintaining its strength and reliability throughout the entire life of the vehicle, guaranteeing safety and stability.

Longer shelf life: Ori-Tape™ has a longer shelf life than other SBT adhesives, with a shelf life of 6 months at 27 °C (compared to
2 months for other SBTs), and 12 months at 10 °C (compared to 6 months for other SBTs).

No need for refrigerated transport: Ori-Tape™ does not require refrigerated transport, making it more convenient and cost-effective to use.

Better mechanical and chemical properties: Ori-Tape™ has better mechanical and chemical properties than other SBT adhesives, making it more durable and resistant to various conditions.

Minimized stress on glass: Ori-Tape™ has a lower level of expansion and shrinking during and after the curing process compared to other
structural bonding tapes, resulting in less stress on the glass.

Flexible and quick service: Ori-Tape™ does not require a minimum order quantity and can be delivered quickly.

Optimization of die-cuts: Ori-Tape™ is optimized for different geometry die-cuts, which results in better efficiency and quality.

In-house production: Ori-Tape™ is formulated, produced, laminated, die cut and applied in-house, ensuring consistency and quality
control. All production steps are integrated in the same chemical plant.

No modification required: Ori-Tape™ can be used without the need to modify existing processes or equipment.

Engineering support: The Oribay Group Automotive engineering team can support and help clients with modifications to their
existing production lines.

Quality assurance: Ori-Tape™ is produced by a specialized laboratory that guarantees the highest quality.

To provide customers with maximum flexibility, we offer two supply options for Ori-Tape™:

a) Parts with tape: With this option, we will apply the Ori-Tape™ die-cuts to the windshield parts before shipping them to you in cardboard trays or reels. This means that you can simply install the components with the pre-applied tape, without needing to worry about applying the tape yourself. This option is ideal for customers who have a limited amount of time to install the windshield parts and want a quick and easy solution.

b) Die-cuts on liners: With this option, we will ship the Ori-Tape™ custom die-cuts on plastic or paper liners to your manufacturing plant. This gives you the ability to apply the tape yourself, allowing you to have more control over the process and customize the application to your specific needs. This option is perfect for customers who have a large volume of components to install and want to optimize the tape application process for maximum efficiency.

Both options are designed to ensure that you receive the highest quality Ori-Tape™. Please let us know which option you would prefer, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

In addition to being used in automotive glass applications, Ori-Tape™ has a wide range of potential uses within the automotive industry. It can be applied to a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, and other components commonly found in any car. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for manufacturers, as it can be used to bond a wide range of materials with different properties and characteristics.

Ori-Tape™ has a shelf life of up to one year when stored at 10 °C, and up to six months when stored at 27 °C. This shelf life is significantly longer compared to other structural adhesives on the market. It is important to store Ori-Tape™ in the appropriate conditions to ensure optimal performance and to avoid any degradation in its adhesive properties. Proper storage can also help to extend the shelf life of the product and maintain its effectiveness for the duration of its shelf life.

The bond created by Ori-Tape™ between components, such as a mirror button and windshield glass, must be cured in order to achieve its maximum strength. The activation process can be accomplished by heating the adhesive to either 140 °C for 20 minutes or 130 °C for 25 minutes using an autoclave. This step is essential for the adhesive to reach its optimal strength and ensure a robust connection between the components.

R&D Center

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Windshield components
Windshield components

Our R&D team is constantly working on research projects for the automotive industry. We are specialized in areas such as ADAS, printed electronics, coatings, adhesives…

Our R&D team is constantly working to develop innovative solutions for the automotive industry. We are specialized in areas such as ADAS, printed electronics, coatings, adhesives… 

We work together with the leading Basque and European research centers from early TRL stages, searching for new solutions and technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

We work together with the leading Basque and European research centers from early TRL stages, searching for new solutions and technologies to meet the needs of our clients.

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