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ADASclean GO+™ self-cleaning nanocoating

The ultimate self-cleaning solution for exterior cameras

ADASclean GO+™ is a unique, easy-to-use hydrophobic nanocoating designed to protect vehicle’s exterior cameras from dirt, mud, and other substances that can block their view. This advanced solution uses nanotechnology to create a self-cleaning surface that keeps cameras clear and your driving experience safe.

ADASclean GO+™ is the lite version of the permanent ADASclean™ solution for OE manufacturers. The AGR+ solution can be applied quickly and easily at any auto glass repair and replacement shop, and it doesn’t require any special curing process.

Thanks to nanotechnology, this coating makes water and other liquids form tiny droplets that slide right off the glass, taking dirt and mud with them. ADASclean GO+™ also prevents water from sticking to the camera, which helps to prevent ice buildup in cold weather.

ADASclean GO+™ is a revolutionary solution that ensures optimal performance of car cameras, promoting a safer and more comfortable driving experience for your customers.

Safety and comfort

This cutting-edge nanocoating ensures unobstructed visibility through exterior cameras, guaranteeing the seamless operation of ADAS systems


ADASclean GO+™ formulation creates an ultra-thin hydrophobic layer, firmly adhering to the exterior cameras for long-lasting self-cleaning properties

Multiple materials

Our dedicated R&D Center has tested this solution on a wide range of automotive materials, including glass, polycarbonate, and PMMA

OEM expertise

Our 30+ years of experience in adhesives and coatings has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier to OEM manufacturers worldwide

30+ years of innovation

From complex OEM projects to innovative AGR+ solutions

Building on our 30+ years of expertise in designing and manufacturing OEM windshield components, electronics, adhesives, and coatings, we proudly introduce our innovative AGR+ solutions tailored for the glass fitting industry.

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