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OriRain+™ rain repellent nanocoating

Best-in-class visibility and safety in all weather conditions

OriRain+™ revolutionizes automotive glass protection with its cutting-edge hydrophobic nanotechnology. Utilizing advanced nanoparticle formulations, OriRain+™ provides unmatched rain-repellent performance for car windshields and windows.

Its exceptional rain-repelling properties cause rainwater to form tiny droplets that effortlessly slide off the glass, carrying away dirt and mud. OriRain+™ also prevents water from sticking to the surface, minimizing ice formation during cold weather.

Enhance your customers’ driving experience with OriRain+™, offering enhanced visibility and safety. This innovative hydrophobic coating stands out in the glass fitting market, providing drivers with superior visibility and protection.

Improved Safety

This hydrophobic nanocoating enhances visibility through windshield glass, minimizing the need for wipers in adverse weather conditions


OriRain+™ nanoparticle formulation creates an even ultra-thin hydrophobic layer, firmly adhering to the windshield for long-lasting rain repellent effect

Self cleaning

Raindrops effortlessly slide off, taking dirt along with them. This self-cleaning effect also prevents water from adhering to the surface, minimizing ice

OEM expertise

Our 30+ years of experience in adhesives and coatings has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier to OEM manufacturers worldwide

30+ years of innovation

From complex OEM projects to innovative AGR+ solutions

Building on our 30+ years of expertise in designing and manufacturing OEM windshield components, electronics, adhesives, and coatings, we proudly introduce our innovative AGR+ solutions tailored for the glass fitting industry.

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