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Functional coatings

Our R&D team has developed a range of coatings to offer special features such as protective, anti-fog, anti-scratch and self-cleaning solutions for the automotive industry

Anti-fog coating

Ori-Fog™ is a permanent anti-fog treatment that prevents fogging on windshields and other glass and polycarbonate (PC) surfaces, addressing visibility issues and safety concerns.

ADASclean™ is an advanced transparent coating developed to enhance the self-cleaning capabilities of exterior ADAS cameras commonly found in vehicles. With its remarkable superhydrophobic properties, ADASclean™ serves as a protective shield against dust and dirt particles.


Ori-Coat™ is an epoxy-based black coating that has been specifically designed to protect metal components like windshield mirror buttons and sensor holders. This e-coating is suitable for use on different metallic materials and surfaces.

Ori-Scratch™ is a surface treatment that offers long-lasting resistance to abrasion on polycarbonate (PC) surfaces. This permanent coating not only protects the headlights but also can be applied to other surfaces such as sunroofs and dashboards. 

Easy to clean

EasytoClean™ is a transparent solution that can be applied on metal stencils used in screen printing for electronic circuits. It makes the surface of the stencil non-stick, which helps in the transfer of solder paste during the printing process.

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