Thermal comfort

Heated fabric solutions

Conductive textiles

Automotive thermal comfort systems

Conductive textiles have multiple applications, including heating solutions for the automotive sector and other industries. Discover our range of heated fabric solutions for automotive thermal comfort.

Thermal comfort

Embedded-fabric seat heater

We have developed an innovative range of car seat heaters, with an embedded fabric structure instead of conventional heatings for the best performance. Can be applied in other industries, such as recreational boats and office chairs.

Ready to fit all seats

Heats up quickly

Low consumption

Thermal comfort

Heated seat cushion and mattress

The car seat cushion combines a comfortable and supportive special memory foam pad with a thin, smart, heated fabric. The heated mattress system provides thermal comfort in any vehicle cabin, using smart textiles to generate heat with clean energy.

Safe and reliable

Portable and lightweight

Energy efficient

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