ADAS cameras

Advanced windshield cameras

High-tech ADAS vision systems

We design and manufacture advanced driver assistance windshield cameras, featuring multi-lens technology for various vision ranges and applications such as pedestrian and vehicle detection, traffic sign recognition, and lane departure warning.

Our R&D team has created a multi-lens camera bracket with a range of vision options up to 4 lenses, this allows for adapting to different scenarios and conditions.

Windshield expertise

High-performance ADAS systems

We provide a comprehensive service that includes all stages of the process, from design and engineering to manufacturing, testing, and post-sales support. We use the latest technology and a skilled team to ensure successful development.

Multi-lens camera

Advanced ADAS

Tailored projects

Robotic application

Windshield bracket integrated dashcam

Our innovative windshield bracket integrated dashboard camera allows car manufacturers to incorporate an in-built dashcam system. This state-of-the-art image recording system has been developed by our R&D team.


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ADAS camera bracket

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