Structural adhesives

Ori-Tape™ structural bonding tape

We have developed our own SBT adhesive for the bonding of metal, glass, ceramic, and high-temperature plastic surfaces. Ori-Tape™ combines the high bond strength of structural adhesives and the ease of handling of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

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Designed to meet highest standards

Thirty years ago we set ourselves a challenge: to develop the best structural adhesive in the automotive industry. Now we have our own Ori-Tape™ chemical production plant and laboratories to offer high-quality and flexible solutions to our clients. We also have extensive experience working with OEM and AGR auto glass standards.


Adhesive application

The structural adhesive jumbo rolls are cut into rolls and stamped into the appropriate cut-out sizes for their application on the automotive parts using fully automated robotic lines.


Adhesion promoters and coatings

In addition to the production of structural adhesives, we are also specialized in the development of adhesion promoters and functional coatings for automotive parts. Thanks to our R&D team we can guarantee maximum reliability of our chemical solutions.


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